Quickbooks clean install tool download

"QuickBooks Clean Install Tool"Download

Learn how to Download the QuickBooks clean install tool to fix your Quickbooks desktop application issues on windows PC, note that you will need your license number and product id for the re-installation process to complete successfully.

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Quickbooks clean install tool download

If you are facing problems with the functionality of your QuickBooks Desktop software then the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool can help you to troubleshoot and fix these issues, Incase you have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling your Quickbooks desktop software for windows and it still did not fix your quickbooks or your company file issues then download the QuickBooks clean install tool and follow our step by step guide to resolve your QB software issues.

Things to check on before uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Make sure that you have your license number and product id on hand, you can download Quickbooks desktop for windows from this link or from a installation CD.
  2. Double check if you have done a proper backup of your company file since you have made the last data entry on to your quickbooks.

Follow these steps to correctly use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool:

Step 1 - Uninstall your current QuickBooks Desktop

  • Press the key with the Windows symbol and the character ‘R’ at the same time. This will open the RUN command.

  • Type ‘Control Panel’ and click OK.

  • Select Programs & Feature.

  • From the list of programs, click on QuickBooks and choose ‘Uninstall‘.

  • Follow the given prompts and complete the uninstallation.

Before running the Clean Install Tool, go ahead and rename you folders where you saved your data files. You can do this manually or use the Clean Install Tool later in the process.

Step 2 - Download and run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

  • Click here (HYPERLINK!!!) to download the Tool. Save the file on your computer desktop.

  • Go to your computer desktop and open the file you just downloaded.

  • Read the Terms & Conditions and click on ‘I accept’ if you should agree to them

  • Choose the QuickBooks version you where using before and click ‘select’.

  • Click OK. QuickBooks is now ready to be installed again.

Step 3 - Rename your QuickBooks Desktop installation folders

  • To reflect hidden files, use the Windows Explorer

  • Rename all the folder locations for your Windows version. Add on ‘damaged’ or ‘old’ at the end of your folder names. By doing so QuickBooks will not recognize them and create new ones instead.

  • Should you not be able to rename the folders, open the Windows Task Manager and choose ‘Image name’ in the ‘Processes Tab‘ to sort the processes alphabetically.

  • Select QBDBMgrN.exe, QBDBMgr.Exe, QBCFMonitorService.Exe and Qbw32.exe. Then click on ‘End Process‘.

  • Click Yes if the message „Warning – Ending a process can lead to loss of data and can cause system instability“ shows up.

Step 4 - Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

At last, download and reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop Software from the following link on your windows PC and check if the re-installation has solved your issues.

Conclusion: The QuickBooks Clean Install Tool is very helpful and fairly easy to use. We hope that this blog post provided you with all the information you needed to get your QuickBooks running again smoothly.

Should you not feel confident enough to tackle the problem alone, or the issue still persist even though you tried your best, do not risk data loss that could cause operational delays for your business. Contact a professional QuickBooks Pro Advisor by Email: help@accountingproadvisor.net for reliable and gratifying assistance.

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