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Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83 When Opening A Company File

Opening a company file can be challenging in QuickBooks because of Error 6000 83, Restarting your server may solve the issue. Read this guide for further instructions.

QuickBooks Troubleshooting Guide:

QuickBooks Error 6000-83

The Error code “6000 83” or also known as the “QuickBooks company file Error 6000 83” often occurs when a user tries to access or open a QuickBooks company file located on another computer such as Windows Server 2012. The company file works as a QB database that consists of all bills, receipts, transactions, reports and other financial data of a business. Sometimes while opening the file on a computer or trying to access the file through a shared network drive using the database server manager results into the “QuickBooks Error 6000 83”.

How does the error 6000 83 occur?

This error is caused by a combination of technical issues. The most common reason is a lost connection to the network drive or folder containing the company files. Other causes include a damaged file extension or The QuickBooks Desktop version installed on the server is different then the version installed on the end user PC.

When does Error 6000 83 occurs in QuickBooks?

  1. QuickBooks Desktop is unable to connect to the Windows Server.
  2. QuickBooks is unable to open or restore a company file from backup.
  3. The error often occurs when trying to create a backup of the database.
  4. QuickBooks is not able to reach the network path to the Linux server.
  5. The company file has been renamed or has incorrect characters in the file name.
  6. The company file may consist of incorrect file extension.
  7. The Error often occurs while attempting to access a file from multiple computers at the same time.
  8. During the conversion of a company file from an older to a newer version of QB Desktop.
  9. The shared folder that consists the QB files maybe corrupted.
  10. QuickBooks Desktop has been installed incorrectly.

What should you do to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 83?

Depending on the action you were attempting when you were prompted with error 83, select a solution from the list below and follow the steps outlined in the solution to begin troubleshooting.

Solution 1: Repair your QuickBooks Company File

Perform these steps if you keep your company files on a Windows Server.

Step 1: Download QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • “Shut down” QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Download QuickBooks Tools Hub to your PC.
  • Make sure to save the downloaded file somewhere you can easily access.
  • Once the download is complete, open the file name (quickbookstoolshub.exe).
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • Once installed, double-click the tool hub icon on your Windows PC to launch it.

Step 2: Use the QB File Doctor to Repair Company file errors

  • Go to the “QuickBooks Tools Hub” and choose “Company file issues“.
  • “Select QB File Doctor” from the menu.
  • In file doctor, “Select the file that is causing error 6000 83” from the drop down menu. If the file is not found in the list, navigate to the file location to open it.
  • Continue by selecting the “Check Your File” option.
  • Enter the company file “admin password” and press the “Next” button.

The File Doctor program will begin scanning your files for errors and damage. After the scan is complete, launch QuickBooks desktop and log in to your company file.

If you don’t see Error 6000 83, it means the file doctor repaired it and you can continue using QB normally without taking any additional steps. If it hasn’t been fixed, proceed to the Next Step.

Solution 2: Create a QuickBooks Portable company file

A portable file, also known as a (QBM) file, is not intended to be a replacement or complete backup of your current company file. Because it does not include .tlg or.log files, Statement Writer, or Fixed Asset Manager files, it is easier to determine if a database or a specific extension is corrupted, resulting in Error 6000 83 when opening QuickBooks.

  • “Launch QuickBooks” and “Sign in as the Administrator”.
  • Open the “file menu” and “select create copy”.
  • Choose the option to “create a portable company file” and Hit “Next”.
  • Give the new portable file a name, Just make sure it is different from your current company file name.
  • Next,“Choose a location” that is easy to find to “save the portable file”, for example Windows Desktop.
  • When you’re ready, choose “Save”, followed by “OK”.

QuickBooks will automatically reindex your data when you open your portable company file. This resolves a number of data issues including Error 6000 83. If you continue to get the error or are unable to open the file then move on to the next step for further instructions.

Solution 3: Edit Windows Host files to Fix 6000 83 Error in QuickBooks

This step usually requires some advanced technical knowledge; if you are unsure, please contact our support team for assistance.
Make sure you have a notepad and a pen handy. Perform these steps first on your server computer, then on all workstations that are prompting with the error 6000 83.
Keep in mind that the server computer is the one that hosts your company files, and the workstations are the user computers from which the company files are accessed.

Step 1: Create a list of your computer names and IP Addresses.

  • “Press Windows+R” on the “server” computer’s keyboard.
  • In the “Run window”, type “cmd” and then press “Enter”.
  • Type “ipconfig/all” Make sure there is a space after “ipconfig” before typing “/all,” then hit “Enter”.
  • “Note down” the “IP address” and “host name (or IPv4)”.
  • Follow the same procedure on the workstations.

Step 2: Edit Windows host files with new IP and PC Names

Now lets edit the windows host files with the correct IP address and computer names. To do this:

  • “Exit” out of QuickBooks,
  • Open the “windows start menu” and go to “THIS PC”.
  • “Enter” the following file paths to view the host file.
  • C: windows\system32\Drivers\etc.
  • C: windows\system64\Drivers\etc.
  • Now “right-click” on the “file path” and select to “open with notepad”.
  • “Next”, Enter the “computer name”, then the “IP address”. To enter “space”, “press the Tab key”.
  • Press “Ctrl + S” to make sure you have saved the changes.
  • The “workstation’s IP address” and “computer name” should be “stored on the server computer”.
  • And the server computer’s IP address and computer name should be saved on the workstation.

Step 3: Save the changes you made to the host file

Once the changes have been made on both workstations and host files it is time to save the file correctly. Here’s how:

  • Go to the “file menu” of the notepad and click on “save as”.
  • “Rename” the file with the name “hosts”, along with the “quotation marks” in the file name.
  • “Choose desktop” to save the file.
  • Next, go to your desktop > Right-click > Select copy.
  • “Navigate” to the file location you choose earlier in “step 2”.
  • “Select” the “hosts file > Right-Click and Select rename“.
  • Simply “add OLD” in the beginning of the host file name.
  • Now “Press “Ctrl+V” on your keyboard to paste the new files into this file path.
  • “Close” the “file manager” and “Open QuickBooks”.

Solution 4: Remove special characters in company file name

QuickBooks will not recognize or open a company file because of incorrect naming structure. Make sure there are no symbols, special characters, or spaces in the name of your backup company or the folder containing the files.

Here is an example:

Incorrect naming structure: “companyfilename-% .qbb”

Correct naming structure: “companyfilename.qbb”.

Here is a quick method to rename the files correctly to avoid 6000 83 error in QB.

  • Navigate to the “Windows Start menu”.
  • “Open File Explorer” by typing “File Explorer” into the search box.
  • Locate and “open the folder” containing your backup company file.
  • “Right-click” the file ending with “.qbb” and select “rename”. This is the backup copy of your company file, remove any special characters and “hit Enter” to save the changes.
  • “Next, right-click” on the folder that stores your company files and “remove any symbols” and “special characters” and hit “enter” to “rename”.
  • “Close the folders” and “open QuickBooks”.
  • From the “No company window” select “restore file”.
  • “Select the files” you recently renamed and “login to access your data”.

If you do not get the Error 6000 83 after resotring a backup of your company file than the issue has been solved.

Solution 5: Verify hosting mode is turned off to avoid Error 6000 83 when opening a company file

If the hosting feature in QuickBooks is turned-on on the user workstations when accessing QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you will encounter Error 6000 83. Make sure this feature is turned off on all workstations and should be turned on only on the windows or linux server that is hosting the company files.

Here is how to check all the workstations to make sure multi-user hosting feature is turned off.

  • Launch “QuickBooks” on a user computer.
  • Go to the “file menu” and “Select Utilities”.
  • If it prompts you to “Host Multi-User Access” then do not select it. Instead, “Continue to the next workstation”. This workstation isn’t the source of the problem.
  • Select “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” if it is an option.

Wrapping up!

There are numerous QuickBooks error codes in the 6000-Series. This guide is dedicated to resolving “QuickBooks Error 6000 83” that occurs in QB Desktop Pro, Premier, and Enterprise version 2021 – 2022. These errors are frequently caused by an incorrectly configured multi-user hosting mode, which prevents users from other workstations from accessing a company file. Following this detailed guide, you will be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue in order to regain access to your company file without further operational delays.

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