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Quickbooks error C=184

QuickBooks Error C-184 often occurs due to the leap year calender days changes between 28th and 29th. Another reason is a the network data file or .TLG file is not working correctly.

QuickBooks Troubleshooting Guide:

QuickBooks Error C=184

The problem behind the QuickBooks Error C=184 occurs due to a mismatch in the calendar’s days of the 28th and 29th in the month of February due to the number of days that change due to the leap year. Another reason is when the Network Data files which you will find in your data file back up folder appearing as.ND and Transaction Log files appearing as.TLG is malfunctioning or damaged in QB Desktop.QuickBooks Error C=184

 For immediate help and an effective solution you can also get in touch with our QuickBooks experts on +1 971 205 3827 , We ‘re here to help you in case you are unable to fix the error following this blog.

How to fix QuickBooks Error code C=184?

1. Make sure that you are indeed using QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) and that you have saved all your company files locally and not on a removable device or any other remote location.

2. To fix the mismatched report due to a leap year, you need to manually alter the date display on your QuickBooks Desktop Software.

Fix the damaged .ND and .TLG files in QuickBooks

1. Open the folder where your company files are saved and find the .ND and .TLG files.

2. With a right-click of your cursor on one of the files, select Rename from the drop-down menu.

3. Now leave the file name you chose in the first place, but add .OLD behind the name and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

4. Go ahead and open your QuickBooks Desktop and try to access the newly renamed company file.

Rename QuickBooks company file to fix Error C=184 in QuickBooks

  • Choose a new location on your computer for the company data file with which you are receiving the Error Code C=184. Make sure to make a copy of the original file to prevent data loss. Create a new folder and name it accordingly, so you can find it easily later. Now restart your QuickBooks Desktop and choose the newly created data file for your process.
  • Should the Error Code C=184 still persist, close your QuickBooks and go to the folder where you initially saved the company file. With a right-click from your cursor on the data file, choose Rename from the drop-down menu and add the characters .OLD at the end of the file name. Restarting your QuickBooks Desktop, use this file now to check if Error C=184 is resolved.


You have tried all the above-mentioned steps but the Error C=184 is still showing up on your Desktop? Don’t panic, but yes, it could mean that the damage .ND or .TLG files have not been fixed yet and we need to consider a different approach before taking any further steps to fix the QuickBooks Error C=184 is resolved. contact our help desk for through support and help, Our QuickBooks experts are available on +1 971-205-3827 to help you with your QB errors.

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