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Quickbooks password reset tool

Use the QuickBooks Password reset tool to reset your company file password, Admin passwords and more.

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QuickBooks password reset tool

QuickBooks password reset tool to reset your company file password

In our modern world it is an all too common issue: forgetting your password. They have to be long, complex and unique in order to be as safe as possible. You could write them all down or use an additional app to store them. All with the hope that also these places are safe.

If you are not one of these people and unfortunately forgot your QuickBooks administrator password, do not panic, the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool is your saviour.

Security is naturally the highest goal for the process of retrieving your password. That is the biggest reason why Intuit provides the QuickBooks software with an extremely thorough tool to do the best possible job in protecting your sensitive data and privacy. The reset tool is constantly improved to keep up with the highest safety standards to release you from cybersecurity concerns.

Step by Step Guide on how to use the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

  1. Open the Automated Password Reset Tool in your QuickBooks software.
  2. By choosing from the Versio” tab, select the QuickBooks version that you used lately to open your company file. It is also required that this version is installed on the device that you are momentarily using to reset your password.
  3. Should you be unsure about which version of QuickBooks is installed on your device, press the CTRL key on your keyboard in combination with the key F2. A window with all the product information should pop on your screen. You can find several different codes under Version Used on the file header, that will tell you which version you are using. The code V24 implies that you are using the QuickBooks version from 2014, while V25 means that the version from 2015 and so on.
  4. Now proceed by filling in QuickBooks license number as well as business information that are also saved in Intuit’s system. Check especially on the spelling of your email address is correct, since the access token will be sent to this address only. After finishing, click the Submit button.
  5. Read the license agreement thoroughly and accept if you should agree to the terms. Continue by clicking Download.
  6. Next a screen will show up where you again click on Download Now. It is important that you save the created file QBPasswordReset.exe to a location on your device where you will easily find it.
  7. Open the downloaded file to start the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.
  8. Now open your email account that is dedicated for QuickBooks and check if you have received an email with a token number.
  9. Choose your version of QuickBooks in the product menu.
  10. Click the Browse button to search for your company file. Select the company file for which you need to reset your password.
  11. Create a new password and click Reset Password. All done!

After successfully following the above steps, you should be able to open your company file again.

The QBPasswordReset.exe file is not applicable for resetting the password of any other following company file. You will have to perform step 1. to 11. for each company file individually.

Conclusion: We hope the information in this blog post was useful for you and that you are ready to continue your work with QuickBooks. Should you struggle to use the QuicBooks Password Reset Tool, do not hesitate to contact a professional ProAdvisor for reliable and fast assistance.

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