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QuickBooks refresher tool

The QuickBooks refresher tool helps you fix issues related to your company file and your QuickBooks desktop application which may not start properly due to processes running the background on windows PC.

QuickBooks Troubleshooting Guide:

Quickbooks refresher tool

No matter if you are working as an accountant or managing your own business financials, the QuickBooks software from Intuit is an excellent choice.

Of course there is the possibility that you might encounter one or the other issue or error. For these cases QuickBooks provides multiple tools which are easy to use and will help you to troubleshoot common errors and software problems. There is a specific purpose for each of the tools and they are easy to identify, As soon as you download the tool you will find the use and functions of each tool is mentioned clearly on the tools hub user interface.

For further information about the Quickbooks tools hub check out our blog post for the QuickBooks Tools Hub to gain a quick overview of all the helpful QuickBooks tools or keep scrolling down and read about the Quickbooks refresher tool and its usage to fix your Quickbooks software issues.

The QuickBooks Refresher Tool helps you to solve problems that could occur while opening QuickBooks Desktop software on your Windows PC. Sometimes QuickBooks background processes, which normally run on your system can cause the software to slow down, freeze or shut down completely. With this tool, troubleshooting for the numerous reasons behind the issue, becomes much more efficient. It automatically repairs these issues within the program. Particularly the refresher tool will only diagnose your Quickbooks desktop software without effecting your company files data.

After reading this blog post you should be able to use the QuickBooks Refresher Tool accordingly and continue working without any further interruptions.

What kind of issues and errors can be solved with the Refresher Tool?

  • QuickBooks is not responding on Windows or stops working
  • QuickBooks software shuts down automatically
  • QuickBooks running slow
  • Resolve common Errors such as 6000-series, like error 6129, and more can be resolved using the QuickBooks refresher tool.
  • Solve QuickBooks Pro Premier or enterprise desktop software installation issues on WIndows 10.

How to use the QuickBooks Refresher Tool

Method 1 – Use the original Transaction Log File and the Auto Data Recovery File version

  1. Click here to download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool. Save the .exe file to a location where you can easily find it.
  2. Finish your ongoing tasks in QuickBooks, backup your company file  and then exit the program.
  3. Locate the file you just downloaded in your downloads folder. you should find a file in the name of qbrefresher.exe. Open the exe by double-clicking on it.
  4. Click on the ‘Fix my QuickBooks!’ button.
  5. After some time the QBRefresher Progress window is going to disappear.
  6. Next you will see a new window will open up, saying “Thank you for running the QBRefresher Tool!” at this point the tool has done its job.
  7. At last click the OK button and re-open QuickBooks to check if the issue has been resolved.

Conclusion: We hope that the information of this blog post was helpful to you and you can continue working with your QuickBooks from here on.

Still, if you are facing problems that can’t be solved by you alone using the Refresher Tool, do not risk data loss or operational delays and contact a professional QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Email: assistance. for immideate support and help.

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